About the Casa de José

The Casa de José is a spiritual healing centre set up at the request of the Entities/Spirit Guides that work through the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil. It operates according to the same principles that guide the Casa de Dom Inácio but has a different emphasis. There is no single healer working here as there is in Brazil. The Casa de José operates as a group effort with healing energy being both channelled through and amplified by the motherstone. Everyone present at a healing session is both a recipient of that healing energy and a medium, or conduit, for the energy to flow through to others. Thus by sitting in the Casa we all have an opportunity to receive our own personal healing while at the same time being of service to the healing of others.

The Casa was established in March 2008 with the help of numerous people who have visited the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil and experienced the powerful healing that occurs there. They continue to nurture it as it grows and evolves in form and structure.

The Casa de José has no particular religious affiliation. It embraces all cultures and religious beliefs. Everyone is welcome to come and sit with us during our regular sessions.

Spiritual healing with the Entities of Light

14 Laura Ave