Rosaries are available in crystal or wooden beads.

All products sold through this website are sourced directly from the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil, the healing centre of João Texeira de Faria, popularly known as John of God. They have all been blessed by the Entities of Light (spirit doctors, saints and ascended masters) who work through the Casa de Dom Inácio. They therefore provide an ongoing connection to the healing energies of the Casa. Items made of crystal also carry the usual properties of the crystal of which they are made in a pure and powerful concentration.
Proceeds from the sale of these rosaries goes to the Casa de José Trust, a New Zealand Registered Charitable Organisation. 

To order

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Clear quartz rosary
Clear quartz aids healing, clearing and intuition.
Order code: RC001

Rose quartz rosary
Rose quartz promotes unconditional love and emotional healing.
Order code: RC002

Amethyst rosary
Amethyst is a deeply spiritual stone offering stability, peace and contentment.
Used during meditation it can help to establish a strong connection to the higher planes.
Order code: RC003

Citrine rosary
Order code: RC004

Wooden rosary large beads
Large beads.
Order code: RW001

Wooden rosary small beads
Small beads.
Order code: RW002

Wooden rosary beads with images
Beads with images.
Order code: RW003

Child size wooden rosary
Child size with beads with images.
Order code: RW004